At our works we have the capability and more enough experience to repair and fully service of any make of transformers up to 20MVA, 66KV class.

We have competent and well experienced engineers and technicians to do the independent job of assembly, commission, maintenance repairing & trouble shooting transformers. Our engineer and consultant can re-design the repairing job for better cooling and enhance the rating

We can also make transformers life healthy by overhauling, replacement of entire insulation including conductor covering.

Repairs of Power & Distribution Transformer up to 20 MVA 66KV class including of winding, insulation and high quality CRGO core material to reduce the no load losses of the transformer.

Conversion of vector group :
General industries requires Dyn11 vector group, same can be change by change in winding & or by change in connection to YD11,Dy5,Yd0 etc.

Voltage ratio conversion :
Converting voltage ratio is possible to higher to lower voltage ratio i.e. 66KV/33KV/22or11KV,33KV/22KVto33KVto11KVor33KVto6.6KVetc.

Offload to On load tap changer :
This can be done by changing of primary winding and change in fitting arrangement and modification of tank so that the transformer can arrange voltage fluctuations without switch of the transformer.

Conversion of cable box to bare bushing and bare bushing to cable box:
This type of conversion made by modification of top cover or tank to maintain require Ampere capacity.

Radiator change:
Old type radiator like tube radiator can be change by using directly welded or flange type radiator, it is also can be replaced having more fins for more cooling of the transformer.

Supply & Change of General & Additional Accessories:
Supply & change of general accessories like Drain Valve, Oil Filter Valve, Silica Gel Breather, Plain Oil Gauge etc & additional accessories like buchholz Relay, OTI, WTI, Marshaling Box, Dial Type Thermometer and special type AVR, RTCC & OSR.

Possible test can be done at site and report for possible cause of transformer failure modification of accessories.


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